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How to get help from your diaspora while studying in Australia? - Career Plan- Careers in Australia, Australia Migration, Study in Australia, Study Abroad

If you are planning to go to Australia for further studies, you may face a series of challenges – from finding an affordable accommodation to arranging a medical emergency service.  To tackle these challenges, what is really helpful is to get in touch with your own community or diaspora in a foreign land.  Connecting with your own diaspora means connecting with your own culture and overcoming your possible homesickness.

get help in study in australiaYou will be surprised to know that your diaspora community may be quite big in the city you are planning to go.  For example, the diaspora of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in Sydney is quite large – with the population of over hundred and fifty thousand. Even the Nepalese diaspora in Sydney is significant, with fifty thousand people of this community.

But finding and getting a needed help from diaspora is not always easy, and you may easily miss the great help from your diaspora if you do not think, explore and plan well in advance.  You can find help from your diaspora in a new country in the following ways:

Finding an accommodation: Generally, it is hard to find an accommodation in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, where communities of many diasporas live. These two cities with reputed Universities like Melbourne University and Sydney University, are also the popular destinations for thousands of tourists, making it harder to find a reasonable accommodation for international students. As house owner or the real estate agent wants bonds, security deposit, and regular source of income as a condition for renting an apartment.

Not all international students can manage these pre-conditions when they first arrive in a foreign country. Diasporas can help you in different ways. Some can rent out some part of their own residence at a reasonable price; others might be even kind enough to link them to the house owner and if needed to provide a guarantee for real estate agents.

Finding a job: Diasporas can also help you to find a job. Quite a large number of international students, who are studying at Sydney University, have part-time jobs in restaurants and grocery shops owned or managed by their own diaspora. More than this, such initial assistance of the diaspora help you get exposed to the Australian job market.

Connecting to the wider community: Diasporas organize community meetings, cultural activities, and festival celebrations. Attending these activities also mean one can develop contacts with the established diasporas in a foreign country.

Managing emergency: Undesirable situation may arise from health problems, financial crisis, accidents and the like. Diasporas can support you if you are known to them. Vibrant donation campaigns and charity shows run by the diasporas in time of need are some of the kind gestures of the diasporas to support their fellow communities and members around.

getting help in australia for international stuentsIn order to contact such diaspora or their organizations like NRI, you can either visit their websites or ask previous students of your University for help.  Knowing your diaspora not only helps you to make your stay enjoyable in Australia but also exposes you to the wider job market.

Remember that all these benefits do not come automatically to you; you need to reach to your diaspora and seek help.






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