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Melbourne University: What Makes it Australia’s Best University? - Career Plan- Careers in Australia, Australia Migration, Study in Australia, Study Abroad

Are you looking for a world class university with affordable accommodation and quality education? Would you like to have a globally recognized research-based academic degree at your hand with ample scholarships? Do you wish to live in a city that offers enthralling entertainment with cultural events and exotic environment? If yes, then the University Melbourne (Melbourne University) in the Victorian capital of Australia could be your best study of melbourne, australia

With a surging population of about 4.2 million, Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. Popular for its rich culture and tradition, it has been regarded as the most livable city in the world. Moreover, street art, alternative fashion, live music and festival including the Melbourne Fringe Festival and Festivals of Arts, Film, and Comedy has attracted unprecedented number of students in this city.

Flexible accommodation with an availability of a mixture of high-density and low-density blocks near to the city centre at an affordable price have enabled students to live properly and commute classes within a short distance to the universities in Melbourne. Likewise, integrated public transport system of trains, trams, buses and taxis has made travel from the middle and inner parts of the city convenient and reasonably inexpensive.

Emerging as an educational hub for international students, Melbourne comprises of 8 universities including a much larger number of individual campuses consisting of around 300,000 students. What is interesting is the fact that about one-third of the students in Melbourne are from abroad.

Among the universities in Melbourne, the University of Melbourne is the world-renowned academic institution. As per the 2016 Academic Ranking of World Universities, the University of Melbourne is the highest ranked Australian university which stands at 40th position in the list of the top 500 institutes around the world.

Established in 1853, Melbourne university carries a legacy of pioneering research and technological development. Ranked as the No.1 research university in Australia, Melbourne university comprises of 45,000 students under various academic programs.

Major Attractions for the International Students

Variety of Courses

Melbourne university offers undergraduate and postgraduates courses in the field of Arts, Business, and Economics, Architecture Building and Planning, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences among others. The range of choices that they can avail here makes the Melbourne University the most preferred learning centre  for students.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Considered as one of the most comprehensive scholarship programs in Australia, the Melbourne Scholarship programs confer merit-based scholarships to bright students from Australia and abroad. In addition to this, it  has a generous provision of financial aid for socio-economically backward students who would otherwise be unable to attend the university in the absence of adequate financial resources. Residential campuses also offer employment opportunities for students in the second year. The major criteria for grabbing such opportunities include academics, leadership contribution, core skills and competencies and/or financial need.

Research and Publications

According to the official website of the university, 4,500 research publications have been made until 2012 through various research institutes at the university. Some of the notable ones include: Melbourne Energy Institute, having more than 100 research centres and institutes, including Bio21, one of Australia’s most sophisticated medical research and biotechnological initiatives, the Melbourne University was also awarded $21 million from the Australian Research Council to establish Stem Cells Australia (SCA), as a major world player in stem cell research.

International Networking and Collaboration 

Working with acclaimed global universities, Melbourne university enjoys the membership of Universities as 21 including the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. More importantly, the university has the world’s largest student exchange program in Australia with over 140 exchange partners from 37 universities.

Strong Alumni Network

The University of Melbourne boasts of Nobel Laureates, Prime Ministers of Australia, philosophers, industry leaders, artists, physicists among others who have made a significant contribution to the development of society. The network is expanding each year with 2,80,000 Alumni worldwide at present

Accommodation Facilities

Consisting of 11 residential colleges, Melbourne university gives better accommodation option for international students including accommodation scholarships.The major advantage of  living at a residential college is that it helps to foster an academic and social network. Similarly, exciting  sporting and cultural programs enrich the academic experience of students.

Lucrative Career and Job Prospects

The University of Melbourne provides various opportunities for outstanding graduates. For example, Melbourne Early Career Development Program (MECDP) imparts a tailored development program including exposure to the routine functions and operations of a variety of professional services such as Finance, Student Services,  Marketing, Procurement, Research Services and Human Resources. It gives  a platform for high-potential graduates to transform into the managers and leaders in future. Furthermore,  on-the-job technical skills and knowledge acquired through this program helps  to  boost the career of students.

Apart from this, the university has two separate type of employment opportunities- student employment and casual employment which can be sought by directly contacting the concerned departments and professors.

The Believe Campaign

The humanitarian campaign of Melbourne university is becoming popular among the international students as it aims for the student’s general welfare too. Since 2013, the University has been launching ‘Believe’- the campaign which aims to raise $500 million by 2017 to educate future leaders and conduct researches including other philanthropic activities. With the generous contribution of University’s Alumni and the donor community, the campaign is ongoing and aims to engage 100,000 by the end of the campaign in 2021.



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