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Good News! Simplified Student Visa Framework for International Students Looking for an Australian Education - Career Plan- Careers in Australia, Australia Migration, Study in Australia, Study Abroad

Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) is the visa framework required to be completed by international students seeking Australian education. Introduced on July 1st 2016 by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) the SSVF replaces the eight previous visa subclasses for international students, the Assessment Level (AL) framework and Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP).

If an international student holds a student visa previous to July 1st 2016 they will not be affected by the SSVF introduction however if a family member or dependent of an international student wishes to seek an Australian education, they will need to apply through the SSVF.simplified student visa framework

Under the SSVF all international students looking for Australian education will apply online for the same visa (subclass 500) regardless of their program of study. The country of citizenship and chosen education provider of the international student will help conclude how much evidence of English language proficiency and financial capacity the international student will need to provide in the student visa application. This is guided by the immigration risk outcomes as each Australian education provider has its own immigration risk rating.

Australian education providers that have an assessment level 1 are the lowest risk category, such as the University of South Australia, so each international student applying will have an individual risk assessment.

International students wanting to receive an Australian education will need to have sufficient funds to cover the fees of their program of choice as well as funds for the cost of living. International students are able to work a limited amount of hours with their visa, however, are advised not to rely on money made from working while studying.

It is important for international students seeking Australian education to upload the correct documents as proof of sufficient funds during the online application, otherwise the application may be denied.

International students will usually be able to prove English language proficiency via declaration, however, DIBP has the ability to request further evidence of language proficiency at their discretion. International students may be exempt from English testing if they hold a passport from the UK, USA, NZ, Canada or Ireland, if they are enrolled in full-time school studies (this includes English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) students).

International students may also be exempt if they are foreign affairs, defence or secondary exchange students, if they have completed Senior Secondary Certificate of Education in Australia, have completed a Cert IV or higher in through Australian education or have completed 5 years of study in English medium in Australia, Canada, NZ, South Africa, Ireland, UK or USA. Other factors may influence international student’s applications.

The SSVF may have other requirements for international students such as health and age. Overall the SSVF have made the application for an international student seeking Australian education a lot easier if the student is low-risk. Certain international students may not even have to provide English proficiency or financial proof in the application.

For any international students wishing to seek Australian education, more information is of the SSVF is available on the DIBP website.

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