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The top 5 locations for studying in Australia for international students - Career Plan- Careers in Australia, Australia Migration, Study in Australia, Study Abroad

Relocating to a new country can be an incredibly daunting and overwhelming experience for international students. Making the important decision of what university to attend and in what city can also be a testing task. Here at Career-plan we want to help international students by making these choices as stress-free as possible. To assist in making the decision a little easier we have put together the top 5 locations for studying in Australia for international students.

  1. Melbourne: melbourne-australiaMelbourne is not only the most liveable city in the world but also has a whopping 8 different universities to choose from including Melbourne University. Melbourne University appeals to many international students as it ranks within the top 50 universities in the world, has a wide course variety and is placed in the center of Melbourne’s urban culture. While international students will enjoy the endless possibilities for different places to eat in the city, the housing can be a tad expensive so many choose to live in the suburbs surrounding. Melbourne has easily accessible trams, trains, and buses as well as limitless coffee shops for a student to take their laptop and have a study session. If you are an international student who likes a fast paced city bursting with different foods and different cultures, then Melbourne is the city for you.

2. Sydney:sydney-australia Sydney calls to many international students because of its infamous landmarks such as Bondi Beach, Darling Harbour, Kings Cross and the Sydney Opera House. These amazing attractions come at a price with the cost of living at a high in the city, however, this does not stop the almost 50,000 international students from attending one of the 5 universities each year. Sydney is not an easy place to drive so many international students to take to riding a bike or catching public transport. If a city with infinite things to see and do is your calling, then Sydney is the city for you.

3. Brisbane: brisbane-australiaSunny Brisbane hold promise for many international students as it has 7 prestige universities to choose from with a respectful schooling culture to match. The government has worked hard to encourage international students by delivering services and facilities to ensure the city is a stress-free place to study. Brisbane has art galleries, cafes, cinemas and shopping galore. If you are an international student looking for study ease in your city of choice, then Brisbane is for you.

4. Perth: perth-australiaPerth is a huge draw card for international students as it is otherwise known as the ‘Education City”. Perth has many options for international students, containing 5 outstanding universities that offer big, wide spaces and less of a hustling-bustling city atmosphere. Perth can be described as isolating by some, making it somewhat difficult to find Part-time work, but makes up for it with the astonishing beaches, warm climate, and beautiful parklands. If you are an international student seeking quiet town with beautiful landscapes, then Perth is for you.

5. Adelaide: adelaide-australiaAdelaide is a perfect city for international students with its 4 Universities that are readily accessible with the smooth running public transport offered. Adelaide is affordable and prides itself on creating a community ambiance. For the international students who want to sight see, Adelaide is filled with wineries and a beach side town called Glenelg. If you are an international student seeking a big country town vibe, then Adelaide is your city.

If you an international student looking to relocate to Australia we hope that we have made your decision easier with our top 5 locations for studying in Australia for international students.

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