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What attracts international students to Australian education? - Career Plan- Careers in Australia, Australia Migration, Study in Australia, Study Abroad

The world has been witnessing an increasing trend in student mobility for overseas education over the past few decades. It is estimated that by 2025, 3.3 million students will be studying abroad out of which 65% will come from Asia, dominated by India and China. Among the most popular study destinations, Australia occupies the third position followed by USA and UK at present.

Universities in Australia are emerging as major educational hubs for Asian students. The international student enrollment data of 2015 indicates that the largest number of enrolments in the higher education sector at Australian universities were from China, India, and Malaysia, the largest in the VET sector were from India clearly indicating the increasing attraction of Asian students towards Australian education.

According to the statistics of The Australian Government Department of Education and Training, Nepal, being a small country, ranked 8th largest student source country for Australia in 2015, with 15,229 students enrolled, which is 13% higher than the previous year.

The World Class Education

The Australian system of education has received international recognition for being the most innovative in the world focusing on practical and life-long learning. The Australian government also ensures continued high standards of education as well as rigorous financial protection for international students. With seven of the top 100 universities in the world,  Australia  is above the likes of Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan, ranking tenth in the Universitas 2016 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems which is the only global institution to assess national higher education systems.

 Range of Choices in Courses

Australian universities offer enriching courses in the field of science, management, and humanities. In fact, Australian universities have degrees tailor-made for every type of students with different career aspirations. At least one Australian university in every top 50 worldwide across the  globe offer subjects in areas of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Life & Agricultural Sciences, Clinical Medicine & Pharmacy and Physics.

Scholarship opportunity

Moreover, more than AUD $200 million is  provided by the Australian Government each year in international scholarships in various courses making it easier for international students to come and experience the difference an Australian education can make in their career ahead.

 Streamlined Visa Policy

Another reason for a surge in the interest towards Australian education is owing to the student visa framework policy which has been introduced to allow international students to submit an online visa application without any hassle. Apart from this, one can apply for a visitor or work holiday visa, if he/she intends to get enrolled in courses with the shorter period of study (3-4 months of study). Equally attractive has been the policy of post-study work (PSW) visa which any international student after completion of an undergraduate or post-graduate study can apply and obtain for a period of two years after the study.

According to international education agents based in Kathmandu, the existing visa policy of Australian government ensures that only the genuine students get admitted to Australian universities. While Australia has taken a strict posture against the fake students, it has remained pretty much flexible towards deserving candidates.

Student Protection Policies

The Australian government has an insurance  policy to address students concern for the safety of their tuition fees and an easy health insurance policy. This ensures that Australian education providers refund tuition fees if students fail to get a  visa and/or the Australian education providers fail to provide the final degree to the students who have already paid the fee for the same. There have been some reported cases of universities in countries like the UK not refunding students’ money even after visa rejection which has inflicted serious damage on the financial and psychological aspects of prospective students.

World’s Best Cities

The charm of Australian education among international students is high also due to the fact that Australia is a home to five of the 30 best cities in the world for students. The outdoor recreational environments, natural environments, cultural entertainment, schools and educational facilities, roads and traffic congestion, public transport, environmental sustainability and the affordability of housing in the Australian cities have become popular among international students.

International students cite different reasons for applying to universities in Australia. Sabal Sharma, a civil engineering graduate from Nepal who has recently applied for Australia to pursue his postgraduate degree says that compared to US and UK, cities in Australia are affordable. “I have spent plenty of time searching for colleges in USA and Australia also considering the accommodation factor and finally decided to pursue Australian education”, says Sharma.

Lucrative Job Opportunities

The strong prospect of getting into the ‘world of work’ after completion of study continues to encourage international students to Australian education. Courses like Accountancy, Nursing, and Management studies have offered bright prospects for students irrespective of their national origin. Sharing his experience of getting an appropriate job after completion of the study, Kaustav Dhakal, a Nepali student who have recently obtained PR in Australia after working under PSW visa said, “I am very happy with the job that I got immediately after my graduation”. He added that there wouldn’t be any problem for employment if we choose degrees having greater market prospects in Australia.

Strong Alumni Impact

Graduates from Australian universities are making international headlines for their successful careers in various fields. More than 2.5 million former international students have created their own niche after studying in Australia. What is worth mentioning is that some of these students are among the world’s best minds. Australian universities have already  produced 15 Nobel prize laureates. Apart from this, Australian discoveries and innovations – including penicillin, IVF, ultrasound, Wi-Fi, the Bionic Ear, cervical cancer vaccine and Black Box Flight Recorders  have directly benefitted over 1 billion people around the world.












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