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Choosing Australia is Easy, But Choosing a Study Pathway is Difficult. Here are Some Pathways to Australian Universities for International Students - Career Plan- Careers in Australia, Australia Migration, Study in Australia, Study Abroad

If you have decided to come to Australia for higher studies, you have done the easy part. The more difficult part of the planning is deciding which pathway you want to enter Australian higher education system. This is particularly challenging if you do not have adequate English scores or high standard academic records required by the Australian Universities. Here are a few alternative options that you can consider:

Take an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS): One way international students can build a pathway to an Australian University is by completing an English language course. These courses can help international students gain direct entry into an Australian University.

Australian Universities such as Swinburne and Victoria University offer courses ranging from elementary to advanced which target reading, writing, speaking and listening. These courses are not only run to help international students gain entry into their desired degree but to help prepare for future assignments and exams.

 Take a short course: Another option for international students to build a pathway to an Australian University is to complete a short course. Some institutions such as Kangan Institute have teamed up with Australian Universities to offer international students pathway packages. A package will allow an international student to complete a short course and then continue with studies at one of the applicable Australian Universities.

In some cases, when an international student completes a package they can gain direct entry into the second year of a relevant degree. As an example, completing a commerce package at Kaplan Business school will give an international student direct entry into the second year of a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Economics at the University of Adelaide.

 Complete a Foundation Year: Australian Universities such as Swinburne University offer international students a foundation year option. These eight and twelve-month courses are designed to help international students meet entry requirements for Australian Universities as well as providing a direct pathway into an applicable degree.

 Take the diploma to degree option: Many Australian Universities such at Victoria University offer international students a Diploma to Degree pathway. This helps international students who may not have a high enough ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) score to get into their desired course, who may not have completed high school or who would like to test the area of expertise before committing to a full degree.

Other universities such as Swinburne University offer UniLink diplomas for international students. This is equivalent to a first year of a degree so completion provides international students with direct entry into the second year of an applicable degree. Many Australian Universities guarantee international students entry into a degree when completing a diploma and if applicable will offer guaranteed entry and credit towards the degree.

 University Senior College (USC): USC is a senior secondary school that is in partnership with the University of Adelaide. USC offers international students a chance to complete an ELICOS but also Years 11 and 12. All international students that achieve adequate scores and successfully complete the USC study program are automatically provided the direct entry in their course of choice at the University of Adelaide.

We, Careerplan team hope this information on study pathways to Australian Universities for international students helps make the transition easier and more enjoyable.

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