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How do Western universities attract international students? - Career Plan- Careers in Australia, Australia Migration, Study in Australia, Study Abroad

Are you a student who wants to study abroad? Perhaps you want to study in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia. You may be trying for an undergraduate or graduate course in any study area.

Multinational group of cheerful students studying in the university library.

You would be glad to know that many schools in these countries are doing all they can in order to bring more international students into their school.

With thousands of courses offered and many levels and types of degrees, international students have so many choices to pick from.
These schools know that admitting international students into their schools will enhance the blend of different cultures from different parts of the world, which also enhances their ranking.

In order to attract more students from other countries, they have put in place many incentives that would help the international students settle down and feel at home in their new surroundings. Some American universities pay talented international students to come to their campuses.

One of these incentives is insurance for international students. For example, Australia provides medical insurance coverage for international students so that they will be covered in case of unexpected medical problems. That means an international student who needs emergency care, or need evacuation coverage can get help. Australia, particularly, has a special health insurance scheme for international students. This scheme is called the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSCH). The insurance is required for students while on student visa.

Another incentive is the opportunity to work in these countries. The UK, USA, Canada, Australia and others offer numerous working opportunities for international students to work part -time. Australia is particularly different from others as it gives those with student visa automatic permission to work; other countries examine the financial capabilities of prospective students before determining whether to give them permission to work or not.

International students have to search for jobs themselves. The jobs will help them gain experience in many fields which include administration, hospitality and so on. Additionally, it helps the students cover their college, living and other expenses. It also helps them to improve their proficiency in the language of their host country. Students studying in the UK, US, Canada or Australia can improve their fluency in English language.

One other incentive for international students is financial aid. The schools know that studying in their country could be expensive when it comes to school fees, living expenses, and so on. Therefore, they provide avenues for international students to prepare their budgets. Many international organizations in these countries also provide international scholarships while some countries provide student loans for these students in order to help them cope financially.

Many schools in the United States offer a conditional percentage cut for prospective international students, especially those from developing countries. The condition could be bases on the number of classes attended or a particular credit score.

These schools have websites that provide help and make it easy for prospective international students to find out all they need to know about their course, the school and the country before travelling over. They also provide e-magazines that are easily downloadable, which explains everything about the school fees, courses, living expenses and so on.
They also record videos of other international students who have finished from the school or who are still there. These students share their experiences of the school and country in order to help and encourage prospective students to apply.

The schools have also done well in making sure that their relations officers are readily available to provide help to prospective students. They provide answers to whatever questions a prospective student might have. These officers also help the prospective students to get acclimatized to their new environment. They are called International Student Advisors and they also help to get the support services needed.

These advisors help prospective international students answer questions regarding their visa status, financial situation, housing, employment possibilities and health concerns.

The schools try to best to convince students from developing countries of the experience of the tutors, the facilities and many other extra-curricular activities in the school. They offer the prospective students cutting-edge technology and the opportunity to work with the finest minds in each field of study. They also offer opportunities for research, especially for graduate students.

Different schools have their own fee structure and it depends on the prospective student to choose whatever school he or she wants.
One highpoint of these campuses is that they provide resume and employment assistance as graduation nears by being an invaluable source of information.

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