While studying in Australia, international students are concerned about a range of practical issues and worrying about phone plans is the least of all. Deciding on a mobile plan might seem complicated, especially when you want to constantly making phone calls to your family and friends. If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket while ensuring seamless phone calls with your loved ones back home, then you should check out these phone plans with the benefits of overseas calling. The best part about these plans – all you need is a single sim which offers facilities for both local and international calls.

Have a look at these top 5 phone plans which can easily fit your pocket as international students in Australia:

1. Vodafone: A top-notch global phone company, Vodafone scores

brownie points in easy international calls and extensive roaming plans. Vodafone also ensures amazing data plans regularly and offers student discounts. Some of the recent phone plans by Vodafone include 1000 minutes of international calls to almost 12 famous calling destinations along with different amounts of call time to other nations, depending on the price of the plan. There are also prepaid offers with data services and additional 90 or 120 minutes for selective countries. The Vodafone handset phone plans start from $40 where you can easily acquire unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of data. If you are carrying an iPhone 7, then you will have to shell out around $70 a month for 24 months. The Red Global Plan by Vodafone offers unlimited calls and messaging services at varied rates. So, if you want to enjoy an assorted range of interesting phone plan offers, then Vodafone is your go-to service.

2. Lebara:

Providing low-cost international calling services, Lebara is equipped with unbelievable quality calls, pocket-friendly phone plans, hassle free applications and low-cost calls and messaging services. Offering a diverse range of phone plans, Lebara has introduced unique features for its SIM-only mobile phone plans, which are highly beneficial for both national and international calls. The exclusive Unlimited International Plan by Lebara includes unlimited calls to international numbers in 60 countries. The various 30-Day plans by Lebara include national minutes and messages with 10GB data and in some plans, the international calling minutes are available. Lebara stands out from the other mobile networks because of their lucrative phone plans and affordable rates. With proper coverage facilities, international students can now rely on Lebara to make unlimited calls to their home without worrying about the high costs.

3. Virgin Mobile:

With a growing number of satisfying customers, Virgin Mobile has become a predominant mobile network in Australia, offering services like, SIM-only prepaid and postpaid deals on either a monthly or contractual basis. Virgin Mobile has included international calling features, which range from $50 to $500 value of international calls. Along with this, Virgin Mobile also allows its users to stream as much music as they want to from selected services like, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music and iHeartRadio without consuming their monthly data. Virgin Mobile not only administers unlimited local calls but also unlimited international calls to the UK, USA, China, India, Canada and Singapore with handset plans costing more than $80 a month, which will be pretty reasonable for international students. Their bonus feature – providing roaming services for overseas at amazing rates.

4. Telstra:

This phone plan might seem pricey but offers lucrative plans for both national and international calls. The handsets are low priced, ranging around $55 a month in which the user enjoys $550 call and text value, along with 1GB of data. Telstra allows international calls on overseas for around 10 countries. The phone plans offered by Telstra naturally begin with $195 Premium Mobile Plan, where customers can make unlimited international calls to all 42 countries. There are also low priced monthly charges in which Telstra allows its customers a special facility of international calling add-ons, which range between $10 and $15 options. Sharing a similarity with Virgin Mobile, Telstra enables data-free music streaming along with Apple Music memberships for six months. An additional feature of Telstra – Aussie sports lovers are in for exciting offers for games like, NRL, AFL and Netball games.

5. Optus:

Equipped with a wide range of mobile telecommunications services with accessible phone plans for everyone, Optus allows special packages for local and international calls, especially for international students who often make phone calls to their family and friends. Optus too has introduced handset phone plans which begin from $40 with different prices for repayments. The monthly mobile plan from Optus are usually for prepaid plans in which the customers are provided 6GB data for $40 and 8.5 GB data for $50, along with unlimited local calls and text messages. Among the other phone plans, the My Plan Plus is certainly the most inexpensive with an offering of 150 or 300 minutes of international calls every month. These plans can be customized as well, by expanding the international call minutes to unlimited. The international calls can be made to almost 32 countries, including, Austria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands and New Zealand. Optus is ideal for you if you are craving to enjoy some data-free videos from Netflix and “Yes TV” video streaming.

The phone plans have gradually diversified with both prepaid and postpaid offers becoming more profitable and pocket-friendly. With these phone plans, international students can easily rely on their pocket-money and while they connect with their loved ones overseas, these students can also make a great deal of savings each month. Every phone network introduces interesting mobile plans and special discounts for students, which can be easily accessed by them – be it for local or international usage.

As you start adjusting to the new life in Australia, make sure your student life is much easier and relaxed with these unique and handsome phone plans and you’re all set for a new life.