5 important considerations for Filipino students seeking to attend an Australian University

Many Filipino students wish to attend an Australian University and find employment in Australia upon graduation. This is for good reason as in 2012 Australia was voted the fourth happiest country in the world and is the third most popular country to study for international students.

With approximately half a million international students attending Australian universities in 2015, it is important for Filipino students to make considerations before they apply to study in order to have an advantage when it comes to finding employment upon graduation. Here at CareerPlan we want to make the process for Filipino students as easy as possible, so we have put together a list of considerations for Filipino students wishing to attend an Australian University.

Consider which Australian university to attend before putting in applications: For Filipino students wishing to attend an Australian University it is important to consider which Australian university to attend before putting in an application.

The Australian education system is the third most popular in the world, has 22,000 courses to choose from, 1,100 educational institutions to choose from and includes eight of the top universities in the world.

Research is required to see which Australian universities offer the best employment outcomes. The location of Australian university may also impact job availability. As an example, a larger city may have more job opportunities for Filipino students to work while they are studying rather than in a rural area. Due to this, a student may consider attending an Australian university in a more metropolitan area.

Other factors also play a part such as students support specifically designed for Filipino students. For instance, Deakin University prides themselves on accepting Filipino students into their school and even has their own Deakin representative for the Filipino students, who students can reach out to at any time. Having specific support can help Filipino students get ready for applying for jobs upon graduating from an Australian university.

Consider which industry has the best job outcomes: The decision of which Australian university to attend is very important but it is also wise to consider which industry has the best job outcomes. Filipino students who wish to stay in Australia upon graduation and find a job relevant to their field of study will have higher chances of finding employment if they are in the healthcare industry, the farming industry, the government industry or in the design industry.

When deciding which Australian university to attend, it is important to consider what courses are available and if that industry has many job opportunities upon graduation.

Consider how to build job connections: As a Filipino international student, it may be hard to find a support system in a new country let alone build job connecting while studying. Australian Universities like the University of Melbourne offer the Filipino Students Association where students can come together and help each other while studying. Students can build connections and help each when it comes to building job connections and skills.

Consider how to gain work experience in your relevant field: It is important for Filipino students who are studying at Australian universities to consider how to gain work experience in their relevant field. A great way to get help on where to apply and on how to build a resume is to explore what the Australian university of choice has to offer. Many Australian universities have job seeking services and employment support.

On a student visa, Filipino students can participate in paid work for up to 40 hours a fortnight while studying. Filipino students can also partake in volunteer work which is not included in the 40 hours of the student visa. Without relevant work experience, a Filipino student may find it hard to find employment in Australia’s competitive job market upon graduation.

Consider the visa options to work in Australia upon graduation: Filipino students may wish to stay in Australia and seek employment in their relevant field of study upon graduation. It is important to consider the visa option to work in Australia way before graduating from an Australian University. Leaving it to the last minute may create unnecessary stress and take up time that could be spent on looking for employment.

As per the existing Post Study Work (PSW) rules of the Australian government, one can get two years of PSW visa after the completion of Bachelors or a Masters degree, three years after the completion of Masters degree by research, and four years for a Doctorate degree.

Other opportunities include: Filipino students have the option of applying for Australian residency, applying for sponsorship at an Australian employer, continuing with study or gaining further work experience.

Here at CareerPlan, we hope that these considerations help Filipino students with their choices of Australian university and with raising the chance of employment upon graduation.