Australian jobs for international students graduating from Australian universities

Australian jobs for international students graduating from Australian universities

For many international students who has put in the hard work of completing a university degree in Australia, it is important to know how to successfully gain an Australian job that pays well upon conclusion of their degree.

Job prospect

According to research, international students looking to find an Australian job with the highest salary need to choose their course wisely. If your skills and qualifications are one of the highly demanded subjects in Australian job market, then there is a high chance of getting a job after your finish your study. You can check this own your own by visiting Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Remember SOL is updated time to time.

Benefits of top Universities

Other research has shown that the university itself makes a salary difference in the Australian job field. The group of 8 universities gives international students a slight edge when it comes to salary rates. The group of 8 consists of The University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, The University of Western Australia, The University of Adelaide, Monash University and UNSW Australia. The Australian job field also tends to favour technology universities such as RMIT university and Swinburne University of technology.

Subjects and career prospects

The health sector in Australia contributes to 13% of all Australian jobs. For international students who complete a Bachelor of nursing, it is likely to achieve an Australian job as there is a shortfall of registered nurses in Australia and the health sector is unaffected by economic changes. Other sectors in the Australian job field that are relatively reliable for international students are law, engineering, accountancy, teaching, and programming. In relation, found that popular industries for 2016 in the Australian job field are government jobs, agriculture, education and design.

Getting jobs

An important factor for international students who are looking for an Australian job is to consider the job applying process. One international student who successfully achieved an Australian job in her field treated job hunting as a full-time job. She sent out over 800 applications during the hours of 9-5 before successfully getting her dream job.

Another option for international students to consider is volunteer work. Getting any edge in the Australian job field is beneficial when competing against many other applicants. International students who are seeking an Australian job also need to have right to work in Australia. Some employers even require international students to have citizenship or permanent residency.

Professional Year Programme

Research into visas is essential for international students, and many temporary visas require that students are completing an English proficiency course or a Professional Year Program for the duration of their visa. This may give international students the time to research how they are going to find a more permanent visa solution to successfully obtain a position in the Australian job field.

Placement advice

It is key for international students to perform as much research as possible about the Australian job field well before completion of their degree. Many factors play a part such as choice of university, current job trends, industry type and much more. Many universities offer Australian job seeking help on their websites and on campus, so it important for international students to chat to their university about what options that can take when seeking an Australian job.