Advice for International Students Doing MBA in Australia

1) Develop a routine you can apply regularly– Making the pledge to complete an MBA definitely requires time, but more essentially, it requires effective time management. MBA graduates always recommend that new students should plan when they will fit their study into their weekly schedule to ensure they can excellently learn the subject content, apply it and get ready for assessments. A routine regularly recommended for full-time student is to assign up to 2 hours each weekday and 1 day of the weekend to their MBA studies. However, it is important that the study routine is realistic and suited to the student’s lifestyle, so that goals will be achievable.

2) Maintain a balance between work, study and life– While studying MBA as an international student, you will always get busy. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend some certain time with your friends. International graduates advise that maintaining a balance between work, study, family, social activities and regular exercise can be vital to an international student which will keep them motivated and refreshed throughout the MBA. This is why effective time management, open communication and a realistic study routine are significant for international students.

3) Connect with fellow students– For international students who study MBA through online platform, connecting with others fellow student on the same course can be exceedingly helpful to their learning experience. It was recommended that international student should use resources such as the online forum to share and contribute discussions, as well as join many other student to run social media support groups. For those international students who gains from the meeting and learning in groups, finding students from your city and creating a study group is a great way to inspire each other, solidify understanding and share real experiences. Connecting with fellow students will let you gain more information and experience as an international student.

4) Reward yourself for small achievements– Celebrate every accomplishment, particularly those you worked really hard for. Compensate yourself when you submit an assignment, complete a subject, or receive a remarkably good grade. Also ensure you take time to reflect and reward yourself when you complete each stage of the MBA, including the Graduate Certificate, which is awarded after 4 subjects, and Graduate Diploma, which is awarded following the completion of 8 subjects. At these serious points, you will know you are well on your way to concluding the MBA.

5) Use colleagues to gain further insight– While studying MBA, colleagues can provide valuable understanding into specific areas that support with the subjects studied throughout the program. International students readily encourage planning meetings with department heads in their organization, such as the Marketing, Finance and HR Directors, who can share practical insight to supplement theory from the MBA.

Studying as an international student has become more competitive than ever. The international student population can be so varied at the top business schools and I feel that the high number of international students enrolled at some top business schools has made it hard for some departments to scale and provide customized support for students. So with this advice, I think an international students will be able to finish their MBA amazingly if they can be able to practice it.