NewTrends in Higher Education: Choices for International Students Coming to Australia

NewTrends in Higher Education: Choices for International Students Coming to Australia

Choice of Degrees: Changing Trend

It is interesting to note that there has been a certain shift in the selection of courses among the Nepalese students while pursuing their higher education at Australian universities. In the past students used to mostly go for vocational education. This way they could get enter quickly into the job market without attending academic classes in the universities.

The reason behind this was also because of visa success rate. Prakash Neupane, senior counselor at Expert education and visa services based in Kathmandu said, “until 2010, the Australian government duly recognized vocational degree and the visa success rate for such education was pretty high.

But from 2011-2016, this trend received a severe setback as vocational education wasn’t encouraged for foreign students in Australia. The shift has occurred with the changes in Australian government policy that rigorously screen student visa application to ensure that only ‘genuine temporary entrant’ (GET) get admitted to the Australian universities.

Mr. Khem Sangroula, an education agent for Australian education, in a recently televised interview said that the intense screening of students academic and financial records to ensure that they are fit for Australian education and are taking the right courses as per their competencies has been a key to ensuring students’ success.

 Selection subjects that match the required skills in the job market

Every year, the Australian government publishes skilled occupation list (SOL), mentioning the most attractive courses for foreign students along with the emerging career opportunities in Australian job market.

Accordingly, international students’ subject selection trend is shifting towards Information Technology (IT), management, nursing, and accountancy. The reason behind the selection is because the skills and qualifications related to these subjects are in high demand offering high salary and lucrative career opportunities.

Match your career interests with future job prospect !

There are plenty of career opportunities for those who are academically sound and has a passion for excelling in life through a very competitive and market-based degree. Koustup Dhakal, a Nepali student who completed his masters in management (engineering) from  Central University of Queensland opined, “Technical subjects like IT and management have huge number of students enrollments at Australian universities because it is easy to get into the world of work with these subjects after applying PSW (post study work) visa post graduation. I also immediately got a job and now have a permanent residency,” he said.

Do more research and consult more before you decide what courses to study!

Make sure that you as an international student to carry out plenty of research on the courses that match your interests and also have great job scope in future. Remember, choosing the right course often becomes very crucial in determining the career opportunities